Animal Training Testimonials

If you have ‘issues’ with your companion animal, then you have come to the right place! Caitlin is fluent in several languages, including but not limited to – PARROT – HORSE – DOG – CAT – PIG. If you have tried and failed, you need a good translator, and Caitlin is that and more. Non-aversive training expert – just love her! – Kathryn W.

Training for all animals and their humans

Caitlin is great! She comes by my house for an hour a few times a week….As soon as my dog met her, he loved her! I never worry about leaving him alone because Caitlin does such a great job. She is always sending me pictures/videos of the tricks she teaches him! Her prices are also extremely reasonable and she is very trustworthy. – Sammy G. Lehigh Valley, PA

Dog Training on a Budget

We asked Caitlin to help us because our dog was digging holes of in our yard. She gave us some great tips on ways to keep her entertained and redirect her attention. It’s been 2 months since she dug a hole and we can leave her alone for in the yard with confidence! Caitlin is amazing and we would definitely use her again! – Alex H. Lehigh Valley, PA

She Trained My Dog to Stop Digging!

My daughter and I adopted a boxes/pit a year ago and there are few things we needed help with. Caitlin came in and got is started on getting her in her “place”. I can’t wait to continue training and not worry about our dog outside meeting new people or cooking in the kitchen without tripping over her. – Angie T.

My Dog Doesn’t Listen!

Caitlin is very personable and attune to what your dog and your needs are. She’s accommodating and encouraging plus very professional! I highly recommend a session with her as she uses positive reinforcement and if you know that putting in work is important then you’ll see results before you know it! use her pointers and heed her advice and you’ll be on the road to a well behaved pup, plus our dog loves her! – Camille C.

The Best Obedience Dog Training

Caitlin is my hero! Our Ringneck Parakeet was a hormonal mess, he was obsessed with me and would bite if I attempted to put him back in his cage. He was also very territorial of his cage and play stands. Caitlin helped me correct his diet which greatly reduced his hormonal behavior. She also taught me target training and through this I was able to get him to step onto a perch. I highly recommend Caitlin’s services, she knows what she’s doing and we had fun too. – Lisa W. Florida

Unbelievable Animal Training Help

Caitlin has been coming by our home for the last 6 weeks to work on training our new German Shepherd puppy. He has made nothing but amazing strides with the help of Caitlins hands on train routines. It’s easy enough for the whole family to participate! As long as you stay consistent and reinforce the training Caitlin has gone over with you, your animal(s) will be listening to your every command  highly recommended. – Samuel B. Lehigh Valley, PA

My German Shepherd Loves Her!

We have been working with Caitlin for 5 weeks now with our 3 dogs. Our two puppies in particular have made the most improvements in such a short amount of time. Caitlin’s patience, gentle approach, and consistency is what sets her apart from the rest! We highly recommend her training services! – Kerianne in Bangor, PA

Private Dog Training Saved my Sanity

Caitlin worked magic with a very scared aggressive cat. A few sessions and soon he turned into a cuddly purring lover! I can’t thank her enough. Now we are working on an untamed Amazon parrot. Just a couple of changes in his routine have helped a lot. Now we are starting to train! – Leslie B. in FL

Caitlin is my Cat Behavior Expert