Loose Leash Dog Walking

Loose Leash Dog Walking   $50

5:30PM – 6:30PM

PetValu on Millcreek Rd

In this one time, 60 minute dog training class you will learn why your dog pulls and how to prevent it. Learn tried-and-true methods that make dog walks enjoyable again!

LLW girl

Topics Include:

*Calmly walking out the door

*Preventing barking on walks

*Greeting people politely

*How to transition to off-leash without ever using a shock collar


4′ leash

Front or back clipping harness

Soft treats (or your dog’s favorite)

Clicker (optional)

Treat pouch (optional)

Wait to feed your dog 4 hours before class.

Please wear shoes to class. Nothing open-toed or sandals.

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