Free Dog Training

Caitlin’s Animal Training wants to show YOU what your dog is capable of!

man wearing black and brown fur hoodie jacket and blue pants holding dog leash beside white short coat dog
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Join us for treats, toys, full body rubs, and an energetic training session to teach your dog to run through an agility tunnel! If your dog already knows how to do that, bring them by for a fun 15 minute behavior, or obedience lesson. Please RSVP for an accurate headcount on Facebook and through the CATS website.

1091 Mill Creek Rd West Valley Marketplace Allentown, PA 18106

Confirm RSVP by email: or phone: 484-619-3554
Full dog training event listings at

Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early so that you get your allotted time. Free Dog Training will be capped at 5 participants. Dogs do not have to be present at this event. Please use your discretion.