Behavior Problems

A majority of cases I receive are related to problem behaviors. To inquire about your specific case you may do so with the Behavior Problem Inquiry form. I am a strong believer in preventing problems before they occur. If you are a new puppy owner you can learn how to raise the best puppy possible by signing up for our Group or Private Obedience Classes. By choosing to partner with me you will learn how to prevent the most common, and life changing behavior problems you dog could face in it’s lifetime. I work with a variety of behavior problems including but not limited to:

Potty Training

Fear of the Vet

Separation Anxiety


Excessive Chewing

Excessive Barking

House Destructive Behaviors

Self-harming Behaviors (OCD related)


Leash Barking, Lunging, and Pulling

Dog-dog Aggression

Dog-dog Fear

Dog-human Aggression

Dog-human Fear