The Mission of CATS

Want your pulling dog to do THIS?

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To help every person become their own “Dr. Dolittle” through teaching them:
  • Fun and interactive training lessons
  • Accurate skills in interpreting animal body language
  • How to identify and reinforce desired behaviors when they occur
  • To solve behavior concerns by avoiding long-term, cognitively damaging techniques

If you have ‘issues’ with your companion animal, then you have come to the right place! Caitlin is fluent in several languages, including but not limited to – PARROT – HORSE – DOG – CAT – PIG. If you have tried and failed, you need a good translator, and Caitlin is that and more. Non-aversive training expert – just love her! – Kathryn W.

Training for all animals and their humans

Caitlin is great! She comes by my house for an hour a few times a week….As soon as my dog met her, he loved her! I never worry about leaving him alone because Caitlin does such a great job. She is always sending me pictures/videos of the tricks she teaches him! Her prices are also extremely reasonable and she is very trustworthy. – Sammy G. Lehigh Valley, PA

Dog Training on a Budget